Gollywood, Here I Come! tells the story of a talented, young turkey. Anamazie.

A children's book about a Young Turkey’s Rise to Cinematic Stardom

A children's book about a Young Turkey’s Rise to Cinematic Stardom

A children's book about a Young Turkey’s Rise to Cinematic StardomA children's book about a Young Turkey’s Rise to Cinematic Stardom

Gollywood Here I Come! taps into current pop culture trends of TV shows and the public’s fascination with celebrities.

All about the Bird

Anamazie sings her heart out at the talent competition hoping to impress the judges.

The Beginnings

Gollywood, Here I Come! tells the tale of a talented, young turkey. Anamazie and the LaBelle family live in Gobbleville. The father is the mayor of the town and the mother is the star of local community theater. The residents love to come out and watch her perform at the Korn-a-Plenty Theater. The LaBelle's have two children. Tommy Jr., their son and oldest child, seems to always be in trouble and frequently appears before Judge Jinny. Anamazie, the youngest child, loves her mother and wants to follow her example by becoming an actress. This children's book brings kids ages five to eight through their adventures as Anamazie sets about to follow her dream.

Dream Big!

Anamazie is a very busy young turkey. She participates in singing, dancing and baton twirling lessons in hopes of reaching her ultimate dream of becoming a movie star. The realization that she wants to become a movie star comes to her while she is leading the Wattle View School Marching Band down the street. As much as she loves her hometown and being a part of its parades, Anamazie sets her sights on Gollywood.

Anamazie encounters set backs and frustrations along the way to Gollywood. She didn't plan on any of them and is tempted to give up on her dream. Instead, she finds the strength to push on and go after the thing she wants most in life. This story teaches young children that they can do the same, regardless of the profession they seek. The children's book's message of hope and perseverance will serve children well in any situation.

Townsturkeys are Skeptical

Gobbleville is a small town where everyone knows each other and they all work hard at what they do. The turkeys who inhabit Gobbleville are business people, hairdressers, police officers and moms and dads. They are skeptical of Anamazie and her desire to make it big in Gollywood. To them, Gollywood is a big city where people don't look out for each other like they do in Gobbleville. Eventually, the community learns that to love her means supporting her in making her own dreams come true.

Meet the Voice Behind the Story

Terry John Barto is an author who worked in many different creative capacities before he started writing kids books. Some of these include creating action figures, writing screenplays and working as a creative director for Wings of Dreams Productions. His story book is popular with young grade schoolers because they care about the characters and can identify with them. Mr. Barto knows that this is the single most important thing he can do to get children interested in reading.

Other Works

'Gollywood, Here I Come' is Terry John Barto's first published children's book. It is available in paperback format as well as an eBook. The author's other book is NIckerbacher