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A Star is Born


Anamazie is an attractive, multi-talented girl. She is a busy turkey who balances baton twirling, singing and dancing lessons. After leading the Wattle View School Marching Band down Gobbleville's Main Street, and appearing in a talent show, she realizes her dream of becoming a movie star.

Readers follow the main character on her journey from being a turkey in a small town to the big city of Gollywood. Kids ages five to eight get to share in the fun of making movies as well as her frustrations and learn how to solve problems with a positive attitude.

Any street of Gobbleville evokes nostalgia.

Gobbleville Townsturkeys

Additional Characters

Gobbleville is community of 2,000 turkeys. Besides Anamazie, the LaBelle family includes TOM, her father and the Mayor of Gobbleville. He keeps order in the community and dramatically whisks off to various events. Her mother, HENRIETTA PEARL, often stars in productions at the Korn-a-Plenty Community Theatre. TOMMY JR. is her  brother. He is a wannabe Rock-n-Roll artist, but his parent’s aspirations for lean toward him becoming a Gizzardologist. UNCLE GEORGE thinks he is George Washington and dresses in full colonial garb, complete with a white wig. UNCLE BUMBLE is the only handyman in Gobbleville. His complicated and clumsy way of fixing things often ends up with a broken wing for himself and customers wondering what happened. GRANDMA MIMI is a crotchety old lady but no frail flower. She refers to young folk as “whippersnappers.” As the head of the ‘Vegan Enforcers’ SWAT team, she is tenacious to make sure the turkeys only eat vegetables.

Eccentric turkeys round out the town. JUDGE JINNY holds court as the presiding judge of Gobbleville. Her no-nonsense and pithy approach is shocking, but her word is final. She believes in tuff love, even when it involves someone from her own family. AGNES, the ballet teacher, is a fanatic about personal hygiene. She is also an influence of discipline in everyday life. MISS STIKKLEBOWER teaches general education at Wattle View School. Kids love her. 

AUDREY is the owner of the Feather Fluff Beauty Salon and fixed up to the tee. This queen of gossip is on the pulse of everything that’s happening in town. With each turkey she talks to, the story expands like a corn soufflé. 

ENID is a waitress who has been around the block and is jaded. She starts out with, “Yeah, whada ya want,” while chewing gum. Someone may innocently ask, “What’s the special?” Enid replies, “How about a knuckle sandwich?”

ZIONA, a neat freak, works at the cleaners. She is a close talker and always in a jovial mood. WOODROW is the chief at the fire station. HOOSER and SPARKEY are the firemen. They enjoy appearing in parades. JIM is the trainer at Slim Gym. He has a lot of muscles and wears clothes that are close fitting. GRANT is the banker in town and tight with money. 

ARBUCKLE, the manager at the ‘Kee Kee Run’ Arcade, looks tough but has a heart of gold. ROWAN checks out the shoes at the bowling alley and personally sets up the wooden pins. REED is everyone’s favorite grocer.

Where to Find

Gollywood, Here I Come! is an Amazon #1 Bestseller written by Terry John Barto, with illustrations by Mattia Cerato. 

The book is available in traditional paperback and a eBook/ Kindle.